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This year, I have had the opportunity to help many people sell their homes in Utah. I often get asked for staging advice and here are a few tips that I can offer. We have all heard the tips that you have to remove family pictures when you want to sell a home and paint the walls white, but I actually don’t think that it’s completely true.

More importantly you need to create open spaces and declutter a home so it feels clean and spacious. Often countertops and mantles are filled with papers, picture frames, books, and so forth that keep a buyer from seeing the beautiful tile or woodwork.

Or, rooms are so filled with furniture, rugs and decorations that the buyer doesn’t notice the high ceilings, big windows, or large size of the room. Eliminating about 1/3 of the items in a house generally creates effective staging.

Another very important aspect of staging a house is deep cleaning. Make sure the floors shine, carpets have been professionally cleaned, bathrooms and kitchens sparkle and smell clean. Buyers love the feeling of a clean house!

Also little handyman fixes are important: make sure there are no loose door knobs, closet doors are on their hinges, drawers open properly. Little things go a long way!

If you are thinking of selling your home, my team and I would love to help!

Best wishes,
Ashley Jensen and Associates

Ashley Jensen, Emily Jones, Lori Summers, Kathryn Isom, & Rob Borden

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