Ashley’s List

Dear Clients & Friends,

My team and I are often asked for recommendations for anything from antique dealers to painters to lenders. We have a compiled a list of the best tradesman we have found or that have been recommended to us by clients. We feature our preferred tradesmen on “Ashley’s list” on our website: click here to see the list.

Also, you can have access to these same tradesmen by downloading an app called HomeKeepr: click here. That way you have our recommendations at your fingertips!

If you need a tradesman or contact not categorized on the list, call us today to see if we can refer you to someone!

It is still a great time to buy or sell in Utah. We would love to help you list a home or find your next property. Contact us today to get started!

About Ashley Jensen

Ashley Jensen & her team specialize in Provo. They live in the area and call tell you all about the best individual schools, BYU rental market, downtown Provo changes and details about specific Provo neighborhoods. Zillow shows the team as having the most sales in Provo of any agent or real estate team.
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