Is it Time to Move?

Dear Clients & Friends,

Our team is often approached by people who love their current homes but just frankly need a change.

Are you among them?

If so, how do you know when it’s the right time to move?

1. The Space is Driving You Crazy!

Find you can’t move around your home comfortably anymore? Maybe your closets are stuffed to the gills, and your kids are sleeping 4 to a room instead of 2. Or, maybe your problem is that your house it too empty…the kids have left, you don’t entertain as you used to, the parents are moving in with you, or maybe you’ve gone through a divorce. Whatever the case may be, space (or the lack thereof) is a good indicator that a change is needed.

2. It’s Time to Relax

Communities like Springville, Spanish Fork, and Saratoga Springs are becoming increasingly popular in UT county as the pace of life is slower there. Less congestion, larger lots, neighborhood parks, and great views, all while being close enough to the action as needed, contribute to the laid back feel. Home values are a little less, and programs like the USDA loan make it possible for some to purchase a home $0 down (USDA Loan Program).

3. Crime and Lack of Punishment

Have you or your neighbors been egged? Maybe there was a breakin a few doors down, or porch pirates have been stealing Amazon packages off your porch. We never want to imagine it’ll happen to us, but when it does, it leaves you feeling insecure and wondering if your home will be next. Neighborhoods are in a constant state of flux, especially with changes in the market, and if several homes suddenly end up vacant, it attracts squatters and vandals.

4. The Road is Making You Rage

Is your work commute killing you? In UT county there is a REAL problem with traffic. The last time the US Census Bureau evaluated it, the average commute time in Utah county was 21 minutes, but that was back in 2013 and the census bureau has not recalculated it since. Utah county builds and expands like it’s its job, and we all know traffic is getting worse, especially around major points of commerce and population like Point of the Mountain, Pioneer Crossing, and University Pkwy in Orem. Adding to that, studies have shown that sitting in traffic day after day can actually shorten your life! That said, giving up a little space to be closer to work is a valuable exchange for many people.

5. The Schoolhouse Doesn’t Rock

Is it time for your kids to change schools? Just like real estate, school quality is never static. Maybe you’re hearing things about a great new charter school, or the new principal at your current school isn’t making the sweeping changes they promised. Using sources like or can help narrow in on a better choice. Our team has had many clients who have made the daily sacrifice to drive their kids to a great school a half hour or more away to give their children that educational head start and a great environment, but that drive is in return costing their family valuable time, effort, and money.

Whatever your specific case may be, our team would love to help you relocate if the time is feeling right.

We can help you evaluate the current market so you can make the best choice for your family. Call or text us today!

Best wishes,
Ashley, Emily, Lori, And Kim

About Ashley Jensen

Ashley Jensen & her team specialize in Provo. They live in the area and call tell you all about the best individual schools, BYU rental market, downtown Provo changes and details about specific Provo neighborhoods. Zillow shows the team as having the most sales in Provo of any agent or real estate team.
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